Visa TravelMoney

A Republic Bank Visa TravelMoney Card is not just for travel!

Effective January 25, 2020 the Republic Bank Visa Travel Money (VTM) will no longer be renewed and issued. Reloads can be done via RepublicOnline and RepublicMobile App. The maximum card balance of US$5,000 remains the same.

The VISA Card that is NOT a Credit Card

Republic Bank Visa TravelMoney is a pre-paid card that’s reloadable and ready to use at home and abroad. Your Republic Bank Visa TravelMoney Card works like a credit card but without the fees and credit checks plus you can load just as much money you want to spend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visa TravelMoney is a prepaid card that gives you 24-hour access to your funds in any local currency. It is great for vacation and shopping locally and internationally, business travel or sending money to family abroad

  • The Republic Bank Visa TravelMoney Card is a prepaid card which means once purchased, you can simply load money onto the card and receive access to your funds.*
  • The Republic Bank Visa TravelMoney Card is reloadable which means you can load funds onto your card at any time. Funds can be loaded at any branch of Republic Bank or with RepublicOnline.*

A credit card provides you with a credit facility based on an assessment of your credit rating and each month you repay all or minimum portion of what you spend. The Republic Bank Visa TravelMoney Card however, allows you to simply load your money onto a card so you can access it worldwide in any local currency. Also, with the Republic Bank Visa TravelMoney Card, you pay no interest and not late fees.

You can load or reload up to US$5,000

Access your funds at more than 627,000 Visa ABMs in more than 120 countries around the world and throughout the network of stores where Visa is accepted.

Simply call the Republic Bank Customer Care Centre at 1-868-627-3348 immediately or the Visa Assistance Centre (contact numbers located on the reverse of the card)

No it doesn't. It's a good practice to have a Republic Bank Visa TravelMoney Card whether you have a credit card or not; it's like carrying cash but safer.

The Republic Bank Visa TravelMoney Card is PIN protected and its value is stored in the system, not on the card. So if you lose your card, you don't lose your money. Get up to 5 cards to access the same funds and give them to travelling companions.

Each Visa TravelMoney Card is valid for 5 years.

Even if you have utilised all your funds from your account, your Republic Bank Visa TravelMoney Card is still active, provided that it has not expired.

Features Benefits

Can be used at ABMs and merchants that accept Visa

Safer than carrying cash

Flexibility of paying for goods and services at merchants locally and internationally

Internationally accepted

Can be used anywhere that Visa is accepted.*

Shop Online

Use your Republic bank Visa TravelMoney card to make purchases online


You can reload your card at any branch of Republic Bank or with RepublicOnline

You can load or reload up to US$5,000

You are not limited by the regular denominations of $20, $50 and $100

No interest payments

This is NOT a credit card, so you pay no interest on the use of funds

Activation within 24 working hours

Quick and easy access to funds*

Valid for 5 years

You can use the card numerous times

Easy access to account balance information

Check the balance on your VTM card at an ATM carrying the Visa logo or with RepublicOnline

Protected by Visa security

PIN protection at ABMs

Signature verification at Point of Sale

*Special conditions apply
Visa Travel Money Service Charges

Commission on the G$ equivalent of the amount loaded / reloaded


Currency Conversion Fee

1% of the amount requested for transactions in foreign countries where US Dollars is not the currency

Cash-Out Fee


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