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24 hours a day, 7 days a week
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No more time consuming trips to the Bank or standing in line. Simply log on the RepublicOnline at your convenience, day, night or on weekends.

Charges and Guidelines

The charge for all outgoing wire transfers is GY$7,000.00

Wire transfers can only be dispatched in currencies listed under Forex Rates on the homepage of our website. The minimum amount which can be dispatched is as follows:

  • USD (United States Dollar) - $100.00
  • CAD (Canadian Dollar) - $100.00
  • TTD (Trinidad & Tobago Dollar) - $100.00
  • BBD (Barbadian Dollar) - $100.00
  • XCD (Eastern Caribbean Dollar) - $100.00
  • EUR – (European Dollar) - $120.00
  • GBP – (British Pound) - $120.00

The reason for transfer/payment entered in the description field must be clearly stated.
  • Family remittance
  • Payment for vehicle inv#1234
  • Payment for rent
Avoid using vague descriptions such as:
  • Payment on invoice (invoice details such as invoice number and item(s) purchased is required)
  • Payments for goods (state item or list a few examples where it’s a variety of items)
NB: The description field can accommodate up to 63 characters

An Intermediary Bank is required for payments in US Dollars to a beneficiary in a country with a different base currency e.g. US Dollars going to a beneficiary in China. The Intermediary Bank information can be obtained from the beneficiary.

Do ensure your current contact information e.g. telephone number(s) and email address is up to date on our records. You can verify if your contact information if up to date by contacting your branch.

With RepublicOnline you can:
  • Check transaction history on your accounts
  • Transfer funds between your Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited accounts
  • Transfer funds to third party Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited accounts
  • Transfer funds to local banks
  • Prepare and process payroll (Corporate)
  • Pay suppliers (Corporate)
  • Initiate international wire transfers
  • Schedule payments and transfers
  • View and print statements on all your Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited accounts, including credit and VTM cards held
  • Make credit card payments (including third party credit cards)
  • Place stop payment on cheques
  • Check account, VTM and credit card balances
  • Reload VTM cards (including third party VTM cards)
  • Initiate Cardless Cash transactions (Personal)
  • Pay:
    • Assuria Guyana Inc. – Life and General Insurance
    • Courts and Lucky Dollar
    • Demerara Mutual – Life, Fire and General Insurance
    • Digicel (postpaid)
    • E-Networks
    • Global Technology Inc.
    • GP&L
    • GWI
    • GRA
    • GTM
    • GTT – landline, cellular (postpaid), Blaze, DSL
    • Hand-In-Hand – Life, Fire and Motor Insurance
    • MMG
    • Nations Inc
    • New Guyana School
    • Nexlink Communications Inc.
    • Singer Guyana Inc.

Sign up for RepublicOnline is free. However, relevant transaction charges will apply.

Registering for RepublicOnline is quick and easy!

Log on to and click on Online Banking, then select "Log In|Sign Up", or log on directly through

Follow the steps in the RepublicOnline Navigation Guide to complete registration.

To learn more about RepublicOnline, download the RepublicOnline Navigation Guide.

Need help learning to use RepublicOnline? Click here to access RepublicOnline demo videos.

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