VENTURE OUT! For Women 2015 Programme

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REPUBLIC BANK supports the re-launch of the EMPRETEC Entrepreneurship Training Workshop through its collaboration on the Venture Out! For Women 2015 Programme.

Over a period of six (6) days starting July 27, 2015 the EMPRETEC Guyana Centre in collaboration with Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited. brought together a total of 26 female entrepreneurs who were previous graduates of the Venture Out! for Women Programme to participate in its hallmark Entrepreneurship Training Workshop (ETW).

Conducted under the leadership of UNCTAD/EMPRETEC International Master Trainer, Renato Santos of Brazil participants were challenged to seriously consider their behaviours as entrepreneurs and determine ways in which these can be improved for the benefit of their businesses. Attitudes towards seeking new business opportunities; risk taking; commitment to quality; setting and achieving goals; planning and networking were some of the major topics addressed.

Of significance also was a business challenge that required the development of an entirely new business idea with a view of marketing it and making a profit by the end of the workshop. Full commitment and participation in this workshop allowed the participants to develop a new level of self confidence and drive as they return to their businesses with new opportunities for expansion. Follow up engagement is scheduled with the participants to ensure that the focus is sustained and progress measured.

The programme was formally launched on Sunday, July 26, 2015 at a special function at the Cara Lodge with remarks by the International Master Trainer Renato Santos, Programme Manager of EMPRETEC Guyana, Mr. Corwin Hunte, and Managing Director of Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited, Mr. Richard Sammy. In his Feature Address, Hon. Dominic Gaskin, Minister of Business and Investment underscored the new government’s commitment to entrepreneurship development and pledged support for various initiatives in this regard.

EMPRETEC Guyana expressed profound gratitude to Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited for its support in making this Entrepreneurial Training Programme a reality for women since it is the first time that an ETW was held exclusively for women - perhaps in the entire global EMPRETEC Network. EMPRETEC certainly values this partnership and looks forward to more collaborative efforts that can see a programme that fosters business development for both women and men producing real sustainable growth in the SME sector.

The Venture Out! For Women Programme is a unique programme launched in 2010, that is carefully designed to empower women by stimulating high levels of motivation whilst presenting them with important business tools that can be used towards enabling business enhancement and, by extension, achieving a better standard of living.

Republic Bank (Guyana) has been the main Sponsor of the Empretec Venture Out for Women! Programme for the past six years.

To date in excess 600 women from several regions across Guyana have been trained.

August 6, 2015
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