Republic Bank Mashramani Panorama Steel Band Competition 2012

On Sunday, February 19, 2012, the wonderful sound of Steel Pan music filled the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall at the 2012 Republic Bank Mashramani Pan-o-rama Steel Band Competition.

The Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited sponsored event under its Power to Make a Difference Banner, was first held in 2009 and has grown over the years with an increasing number of competitors and larger audiences.

The Bank's quest for the rebirth and sustained development of the nation's Steel Pan art form is focused on three areas; the Republic Bank Mashramani Panorama Steel Band Competition, the Steel Band Arrangers Workshop and the RightStart Pan Minors Music Literacy Programme.

These three programmes emphasize the Bank's outreach for cultural preservation in Guyana which is a major part of the Republic Bank Power to Make a Difference programme.

The Republic Bank Pan Arrangers' Workshop which was first introduced in 2009 was facilitated by Mr. Ray Holman, a musical artiste, arranger and composer of renown in Trinidad, across the Caribbean Region, North America and Europe. This programme focused on improving the capacities of the workshop participants in the form of enhanced Steel Pan Playing Techniques; arranging skills and a general knowledge of the formation and maintenance of a Steel Band.

The Republic RightStart Pan Minors Music Literacy Programme commenced in 2010 for youths throughout Guyana. The main aim of this project is to give youths the benefit of developing strong skills in steel pan playing and music theory in addition to learning the history of the art form. This programme has led to more persons developing the skill and a passion for pan.

The Republic Bank Panorama Steel Band Competition 2012 featured a large number of bands competing in six categories -

  • Senior Solo
  • Junior Solo
  • Pan Duet
  • School Band
  • Church Band
  • Large Band

This event was well attended by Steel Pan enthusiasts and supporters who enjoyed the night of fervent competition between bands and soloists alike.

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February 27, 2012
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