58 Women from across the Caribbean Region graduate Cohort 2 of the EBB Programme for Women Entrepreneurs

Port of Spain, Trinidad, November 24, 2023: Fifty-eight successful participants of Cohort 2 of the Entrepreneurs Business Builder (EBB) programme graduated in a moving virtual ceremony hosted by Republic Bank in collaboration with EBB partner BDP Associates.

Under the theme, “Championing HER Success" the event celebrated and encouraged the graduating women entrepreneurs to continue in the pursuit of their goals, by championing their own success.

The programme, which was launched earlier this year on International Women’s Day, saw more than 500 women entrepreneurs submitting their applications for selection. Eighty were chosen to participate, with 58 of them successfully completing the program and graduating.

Participants hailed from several territories with the Cohort truly reflecting the Republic Bank pan-Caribbean-ness. This is illustrated in the mix listed below:

  • Barbados - 4
  • British Virgin Island - 2
  • Grenada -12
  • Guyana - 12
  • Eastern Caribbean - 4
  • Suriname - 3
  • Trinidad and Tobago - 21
  • For 2023, the programme adopted a systematic approach to ensure that the learnings, strategies and tactics implemented will generate long-lasting personal and business results for all women entrepreneurs involved. The intended outcome was that by the end of the programme, the participants would be more confident and have businesses that are tech-enabled, robust and demonstrated accelerated growth.

    Each graduate is now eligible for a pre-approved financing package to suit her business needs. Included is a business credit card and/or overdraft facility, valued from US$2,000 to US$5,000, where the assessment of their revenues and business plan, will determine the individual product value.

    Republic Bank is proud to support initiatives that play a pivotal role in nurturing women entrepreneurs, enabling them to provide support for their families and contribute positively to society and the economy.

November 28, 2023
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